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When you sit around, sipping that Starbucks in your classroom, yawning on some professors going on and on about branding and strategies, everything undoubtedly makes perfect sense. However, marketing is not about classroom-based like the rest of the stuff they do with specialty knowledge, it’s about reality. No matter how much you learn about certain stuff, work on as many case studies as possible, there’s always a gap between realists and dreamers. 

Schooling is crucial but hands-on experience working with brands is even more critical. Get that one damn degree and get out of that safe zone into the streets, dealing with the world with civilized wolves who will instantaneously eat you up whenever they have a chance… that protective bubble wrap you’re currently in is the single thing that disconnect you and the real deal.

I’m eager to get out yet refusing to, knowing that i’m not ready. gah, one and a half semester wouldn’t make me any more qualified than i am… maybe even worse, this environment fools you into thinking that you’re capable, you’re amazing, everyone should hire you because you’re one excellent soul. Nah, snap out of it you fool, prepare for the best, really learn all you can and the last thing you can do out there? hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 


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